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SEO assessment at:

  - Technical SEO

  - On-page SEO

  - Off-site SEO

  - Local SEO




Key Stats

Implemented search engine optimisation (SEO) to a visually appealing website and generated high volumes of traffic and business enquiries.

After an SEO audit, found several red flags on client website that need solving. Fixed the meta titles and descriptions, various 404 errors and broken backlinks and improve page load times.


Maintain the company website on a weekly basis to keep on top of their SEO. This included ongoing keyword research, setting up goals and conversions and monthly reporting.


Plan to write several keyword-rich blog posts per month along with copy for other pages on the website.


A successful SEO and Copywriting campaign. Wow2wow sitting at the top of Google's SERPs for 'wow2wow' which forms the basis of all wow2wow services. 

150% increase in conversions

59% increase in new users

50% increase in page views

10% increase in DA

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