Photographer/Videographer (MING HAM)

I'm a sports enthusiast and enjoyed taking beautiful photo of sporting events and athletes in any situation.

I grew up loving both sports and photography, and I found a way to connect both these passions into one lifelong profession. I see every project I take on as more than just capturing the perfect shot, but also as a way to find new, inventive ways to produce interesting, breathtaking photographs.
Each assignment I take on is a visual challenge. Whether it’s creating a new technique or researching the latest technology - I’m always looking for ways to get a new perspective on being an innovative Sports Photographer.

Run-shoot photographer. Never miss a shot. Expect wow pictures all the time.

Photographer (DAVE POH)

Everyone knows Dave and what a great photographer and runner he is.


Able to captured wonderful and awesome pictures in any situation.

wow pictures always.

Photographer (TONY GOH)

Great photographer and everyone likes his race photos.

Also run a few marathons on his spare time.

Photographer in any race events.

Photographer (DAVID TAN)

Always take great photo and very serious photographer.


He also a good runner and done a few triathlon! So don't play-play with him :-)

Serious photographer

Photographer (TAN KIM LAI)

You see him at almost every races, running and taking photo where no one dares. Unbelievable angles and photos.

A legend. Fun photographer. Run and shoot anywhere.

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