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Ming Ham

Digital Marketing Manager



Singapore | Australia

A Bit About Me

A sports enthusiast, passion for marketing and enjoyed taking beautiful photo in any situation.

I grew up loving both sports and photography, and I found a way to connect both these passions into one lifelong profession. I see every project I take on as more than just capturing the perfect shot, but also as a way to find new, inventive ways to produce interesting, breathtaking photographs. 


Each assignment I take on is a visual challenge. Whether it’s creating a new technique or researching the latest technology - I’m always looking for ways to get a new perspective on being an innovative Sports Photographer.

My company WOW2WOW provides professional consultants, branding, digital marketing, photographers and videographers for your public events and corporate events in Singapore and SEA regions.

Work Experience

2013 - Present

2013 - Present

1994 - 2012

1988 - 1993


(REPUBLIC POLYTECHNIC / Singapore Sports School, Singapore)

Awarded Mentors Award in 2020.
Lecturer in Marketing, Digital Marketing and eCommerce, Effective Digital Marketing, Consumer Research, International Marketing, Economics and Business Management. Prepared teaching materials, conduct lectures and tutorials.
Marked presentations, assignments, quizzes and term projects.
Facilitated study groups, class activities and completed crafting works.
Invigilated and review of exam papers.
Received excellent students survey for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.



Worked with client's Marketing and Sales teams to develop sales tools and strategies. Developed strong brand awareness and online marketing.
Wrote, edited, and published content to share on all brand's company social media profile and partner channels.

Collaborated with Content Team to promote blog posts and guest posts. Implemented SEO/SEM and generation of inbound traffic using short tail and long tail keywords. Created 5+􏰄􏰃 campaigns for websites with media.
Got over 1,500􏰂􏰁􏰄􏰀􏰀 likes on my website's Facebook fan page.
Stayed up-to-date with the newest SEO guidelines and trends.
Used Google Trends for keyword planning.
Used Google Analytics and Tableau software to track and analyse data.
Planned, set-up, delivery of event shoots of various local and oversea projects.

Build a strong and loyal brand following.
Events and resource management.



Implemented various Risk Management systems locally and overseas.
Project managed in Singapore and oversea.
Account management for various clients. Client relationship.

24x7 helpdesk support to clients in Singapore and Asia regions.

Roadshow and seminar to demonstrate and promote risk products.



System development and support retail systems to corporate systems. Supporting ATM nationwide. Coding, Specification and Test scripts. Data modeling of the Funds Management systems.
Design implementation of software. Analyse user requirements.
Supervised and trained junior and senior staffs.

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