A sports enthusiast and enjoyed taking beautiful photo in any situation.

I grew up loving both sports and photography, and I found a way to connect both these passions into one lifelong profession. I see every project I take on as more than just capturing the perfect shot, but also as a way to find new, inventive ways to produce interesting, breathtaking photographs.


Each assignment I take on is a visual challenge. Whether it’s creating a new technique or researching the latest technology - I’m always looking for ways to get a new perspective on being an innovative Sports Photographer.

My company WOW2WOW provides professional consultants, photographers and videographers for any public events and corporate events in Singapore and SEA regions.


Services provided includes event day coverage with online wow pictures and videos taken by our skill professional photographers and videographers. Other specialties includes Branding,  traditional and online Marketing/Advertising and resource management. Fast deliverables and always captured the awesome moments of any events.

I offer everything for your event day needs, including live action shots, posed individual and team portraits, poster printing and on-site printing. To learn more about my services, don’t hesitate to contact me directly. I’m also available for private consultations.

Clients worked included F1 Runners, CTC Travel, Queensland Tourism, DiscoverNSW, Mizuno, MSIG Action Asia, The Great Relay Singaopore, ORTO, Lunghi Run, Ubin WayFinder, PRR,Running Group, PSR Running Group, PRPR Running Group, Terry Fox Singapore, Down Syndrome Association and Tri-Factor Series (Triathlon).

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